Offshore Services


With the advent of globalization, expansion of any company has become a must, to provide solution across different continents. Abacuss specializes in providing offshore staffing solutions to make your offshore business a success. Our talented teams of professionals work onsite with the client under their supervision functioning as a team of the company. Privileged by the best of staffing solutions we cater to all small and medium enterprises. Our offshore project team caters to all the project needs and reduces your costs without loss of control and oversight.


Backed by qualified resources trained as per client needs, our team of dedicated personnel propels your business to higher grounds. Our knowledge and work structure gives you the flexibility to execute your project as per your requirement. We not only give you access to a large and highly qualified talent pool but also provide you the time and ability to refocus in-house staff on more strategic projects.


Working with us will also reduce your overall costs such as travel, international phone calls and developer licenses. Our comprehensive communication plan, collaboration tools and soft skills training of the offshore team ensure better communication.


We offer not only programmers, but quality assurance engineers, administrative assistants and even project managers from our offices in Chennai, India. Our offshore employees come from top notch Indian universities; have seasoned expertise in their specialty and refined English language skills.


Your data and intellectual property is safe with us as we pay special attention on security, which makes us a company to reckon with. Multi-level security including firewalls, virus protection, and controlled access privileges make your data safe and secure with us. Usage guidelines, backup policies and procedures, emergency procedures and regular system audits provide for the best in class disaster recovery process.


With the aid of configuration management tools and non-disclosure agreements we make the entire process hassle free. Physical access to the project area is restricted and the carrying of removable media is prohibited to prevent infiltration to the client database. The communication process is further secured through segregated servers and network domain controllers with role-based access, exclusive mail server for client communication and a secure VPN, FTP and/or leased lines.


Most of the communication and file sharing happens via our American project managers, who act as a liaison between our clients and the developers, and are available 9-5 Monday-Friday EST. However, because the project managers cannot be familiar with every detail, sometimes it is good to open communication lines directly to the developers. In this case communication can be made over email, instant messenger and phones.


We provide the services at reasonable rates that vary according to skill level and specialty, but are a fraction of their onshore equivalents. Contact us to enquire about the excellent rates we can offer for talent that meets your specific needs.

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